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Savage Stage: Plays By Ma-Yi Theater Company

Nine plays make up this collection of dramatic works developed and premiered by the Obie Award-winning Ma-Yi Theater Company in New York.

Through its plays, the company brings to the table of Asian American discourse an alternative view of the savage. Consider the tropes of danger and deceit found in: Han Ong’s Middle Finger; Linda Faigao-Hall’s Woman From The Other Side of the World; Sung Rno’s wAve; and Qui Nguyen’s Trial By Water. Examine the exotic as weaponry in: Kia Cothron, Jorge Ignacio Cortinas, Ong and Rno’s Savage Acts; Ralph Peña’s Flipzoids; and Chris Millado’s Perigri Nasyon. Rethink debates on cosmopolitanisms and nationalisms through Lonnie Carter’s The Romance of Magno Rubio, and Peña and Rno’s collaboration Balangiga.

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“In a rapidly shrinking, globalized world, ‘Savage Stage’ expands and defies the universe. Bold, unexpected, political, witty -these plays give us fresh characters and narratives that propel us beyond the known.” - ROBERTA UNO, co-editor, The Color of Theater: Race, Culture and Contemporary Performance

“This volume reminds us of the impact Ma-Yi’s stage has had on Asian American theater (and American theater more generally): these plays are vibrant, innovative, and imaginative performative embodiments of contemporary Asian Pacific American lives and worldviews.” - KAREN SHIMAKAWA, author, National Abjection: The Asian American Body Onstage

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