Hansol Jung and “Wild Goose Dreams” — Labbie Spotlight


Hansol Jung: 

After a gratifying run and positive reviews  of her premiere of Among The Dead at Ma-Yi late last year, Jung’s work, Wild Goose Dreams won a Kilroy and a run at The Public, and will be staged at La Jolla Playhouse this fall.

WILD GOOSE DREAMS: “Nanhee is a North Korean defector whose family was left behind in North Korea. Minsung is a South Korean goose father whose family has left him behind in South Korea. Nanhee and Minsung find each other on the internet. A story about modern aspirations and its betrayals, Wild Goose Dreams explores the miracle of quiet intimacy among the noise of the contemporary world.”

CARDBOARD PIANO: New to the West Coast, Jung’s Cardboard Piano focuses on the daughter of an American missionary who forms a relationship with a Ugandan girl amid civil war and social upheaval. “Confronting the religious and cultural roots of intolerance, this modern-day parable explores America’s relationship with Africa, and the human capacity for forgiveness.”Jung’s Cardboard Piano will be produced at the nation’s third-oldest LGBT-centered company (Diversionary Theatre stage as part of the University Heights company ) in early 2018.

WOLF PLAY: Artists Repertory Theatre has extended a play commission to Jung, as part of the company’s ambitious new play development program Table|Room|Stage (T|R|S).  Described by Jung, the play begins when “a Korean boy is ushered into a new house by his adopted American father. This new house belongs to an American boxer and her wife. The American father un-adopts boy by a single signature on a piece of paper. But just before he leaves the new house, ex-father finds out that the new couple, to whom he has “re-homed” his ex-son to, is a lesbian couple. American ex-father spends the rest of the play trying to get the boy back. Wolf Play is a messy, funny disturbing theatrical experience grappling with a wolf, a puppet, and a very prickly problem of “what is a family, and what do we need from them, today?” More



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