Ma-Yi BOWL-A-THON June 19th seeks striking bowlers!


mayibowlathon june19

Ma-Yi’s First Ever BOWL-A-THON fundraiser is scheduled for June 19th to bolster our upcoming season which includes {my lingerie play}, an interactive performance concert, and KPOP, a full blown immersive musical. We need to recruit as many bowlers as possible to make this happen.  IT’S SUPER EASY! Here’s how it works:

1.) Choose a cool bowling name and sign up to bowl here.

2.) Tell all your friends your new name and ask them for sponsorship (Ahhhh! Don’t panic! We will provide you with a beautifully written email appeal you can easily send out!)

3.) Let your sponsor friends know that they can pledge as little as $.10 cents per point, or as much as they’d like (this is where you find out who truly believes in your bowling skillz…)

4.) We go bowling! (Your shoes and game are paid for, duh. Also will provide light food and bev!)

5.) Afterwards, WE email your sponsors your score along with a link to fulfill their pledge.



If you like bowling, and want to represent us with your skills on the day of this event, there is still time to sign up HERE.

In either case, your support, now more than ever, ensures our voices and productions continue to thrive. Contact Chris Ignacio for more information




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