Jason Kim is a Korean-born dramatist based in Brooklyn, New York. Television: Girls (HBO) and Gracepoint (Fox). Film: Auto (LineXLine Productions), A Wednesday (Downtown Short Film Festival). Plays: New America (Naked Angels), Jason Kim Writes a Play (Ma-Yi Theater Company), Stuck (Serials at the Flea Theater), A Modern Feeling (NSD), History of a Marriage (Gowanus Art + Production), Co-op (Naked Radio), and an upcoming K-Pop Musical in Ars Nova Theater’s 2016-2017 season. Operas: An American Man (Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington National Opera), Legendary (American Opera Projects, Manhattan School of Music), A Year of Madness (American Opera Projects), and Seeking You (Spoleto Festival). IFP—Marcie Bloom Fellowship in Film, Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans, Mark Campbell Chair Librettist Fellow in American Opera Project’s Composers & The Voice. Member of Ma-Yi Writers Lab and Ars Nova’s Uncharted. BA Columbia University, MFA New School for Drama. www.waytooserious.com


jason [at] waytooserious.com



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Theater: Rachel Viola
Television: Peter Benedek
Film: Keya Khayatian


New America

3W 2M

The three Nam sisters gather at Young’s home for their mother’s funeral. As the long overdue reunion unfolds, Young—the once-blossomed Korean socialite, now withered away in America—must learn how to navigate her sisters’ judgments about her new life while coming to terms with a grudge that has haunted her family for a decade. NEW AMERICA portrays a family that closes themselves off to the realities of their immigrant life through deceit and self-deception. It is a story about a family in crisis and the painful, complicated realities of pursuing the American Dream.


full-length comedy
4W 5M

Jason Kim has written a play. But who cares? Literally no one. Not the Artistic Director who was once interested, kind of, or his Agent, or his annoying wunderkind friend Gus. Not even Sam, his sweet boyfriend. And certainly not his Mother, whose ambitions for her son include medical school, law school, and not-playwriting. So now what? Jason Kim Writes a Play is a play about something, or nothing, or maybe everything.


full-length drama
1W 4M

Devastated by the dismal sales of his first book, Will seeks distraction in the world of online hookups, where he meets Cameron, the unexpected love of his life. But when Cameron grows distant after taking a new job at a sleek but sleazy start-up, Will must contend with his own destructive impulses. The story of two men struggling to find meaning and direction, A MODERN FEELING asks why we so often reject love when it is right within our grasp.


full-length drama
4W 2M

Delinquent gamer Gordon Alonzo is a loner. So is Dee Dee Chung, an aspiring superstar. The two high school freaks soon become close friends, bonding over their troubled family secrets and the shared pursuit of realizing Dee Dee’s pop superstardom. But when the music video they record goes viral in the worst of ways, Gordon and Dee Dee find themselves unable to deal with their parents’ disappointment, the traumas of cyber-bullying, and their own overwhelming anger. A story of two kids who are anything but ordinary, Normal investigates what it means to be a “normal teenager” in America.

Jason Kim
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