30th Anniversary Bowl-A-Thon

Bowling • Silent Auction • Karaoke • Ping Pong • Billiards • Complimentary Food & Drink

October 28, 2019   Begins 7PM   Frames Bowling Lounge 550 9th Avenue (northeast corner of 41st Street and 9th Avenue)

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, and to raise money for our 30th anniversary season, Ma-Yi Theater Company challenges you to a Bowl-A-Thon in the heart of New York City. Participation will not only be, as the kids say, “a rollicking good time,” but will also support Ma-Yi Theater Company’s mission to develop and produce new work by Asian American artists, a mission to which we have been dedicated for the last thirty years.

Attend as a Guest

If you would like to experience the event as a whole, and the perks that come with it, you can simply make a flat donation of $300 or more to Ma-Yi Theater Company via the link below!

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Attend as a Bowler

Friends of Ma-Yi Theater Company can register below to bowl in the event! Bowlers can then enlist friends & family to pledge a certain amount of money for Ma-Yi per point on their final scorecard. The more points you score, the more money pledged – and the more money goes to Ma-Yi’s work.

We will ask each bowler to solicit pledges, with each one committing to at least $6.00 worth of pledges for each point scored by the bowler. Please note that in order to participate, we recommend that each bowler have a minimum total sponsorship amount of $6 per point. Of course, if you can get more, we won’t stop you from doing that. This can be cobbled together from as many sponsors as you like, giving any amount they like. For example, you can ask twelve friends to pledge $0.50 per point, for a total of $6.00. Or Six friends to pledge $1.00 per point. The more sponsors, the better!

Each bowler will get a chance to bowl at least two complete games, maybe three, depending on how quickly the teams complete their bowling games within the three hours of the Bowl-A-Thon. We will take the HIGHEST scoring completed game of the bowler, and use that to calculate each sponsor’s total pledge.

Bowler A.  Game 1 Score: 65;  Game 2 Score: 70;   Game 3 Score: 45
Highest Game is 70.

If you pledged $0.50 per point for Bowler A, you owe $0.50 x 70 or $35.00

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Sponsor a Bowler

Sponsor your favorite bowlers for a certain amount of money toward each point they score. Choose wisely! Or, if you prefer, make a flat donation of $300+ to Ma-Yi Theater Company to attend the event as a guest! Sponsors will receive information on how to make a donation following the event, based on the scores of their sponsored bowlers.


Other Questions? Send us an email at bowling@ma-yitheatre.org

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